The Custom Shoppe Furniture Review: Design Your Own Fine Furniture

In this review of The Custom Shoppe furniture we explain how the company helps you to design your own fine furniture by selecting from a number of variables offered to you that enable you to modify standard pieces to your own specific needs. Not only does this furniture manufacturer offer a wide range of bespoke furniture, but you can also choose from their standard products without modification.

This firm started life in Wisconsin in 1981. A few woodworkers got together and started making bespoke furniture, and eventually developed the company to producing a line of furniture that was easily modified in all three dimensions: width, length and height. It developed to the extent that you could select your own starting designs and your own woods: the nearest thing to totally bespoke furniture at mass production prices.

The Custom Shoppe: What it Offers

The Custom Shoppe offers many things that you would never find in a regular furniture store – online or offline. It has developed a range of standard products based upon previous clients’ wishes. You can then modify these designs to suit your needs. Their furniture is not stocked anywhere – it is made specifically for you.

Given that degree of personalization, your order can be ready in around one month. If your order is very large then it will take longer, but a month is amazing for furniture made to order by skilled carpenters. This stuff does not come from Taiwan or China – it comes from the USA and is made from solid wood, not, in their words, ‘compressed sawdust.’

Who Designs The Custom Shoppe Furniture?

You do! You might not be the best furniture designer in the world, but you can design you own furniture by ticking the boxes and filling in the numbers – no drawing or sketching required! Simply decide on a base template and let them know your dimensions and modifications, and you are all set to go.

Rather than building loads of items of furniture and hope that people will like and buy it, the Custom Shoppe does what its name suggests: it offers what it refers to as ‘a toolbox of choices’ and you do the rest! How cool is that!

Alternatively, you can choose from the standard items they have to offer without further modification. These are high quality pieces made to the same high standard of craftsmanship you would get had you designed your own custom furniture.

Who Makes the Furniture?

The individuals that make up the company make the furniture by hand. There are no employees as such: they are all in it together. Every joint is hand-made and hand glued, and every dowel, pin and screw is inserted by hand. The Custom Shoppe furniture is truly hand-made.

Every person in the company designs their own furniture for modification by you, and they decorate their own offices – there is no ‘us and them; this is a business where creativity and originality is encouraged and recognized. You design what you want and they make it, then you pay. What’s more natural than that! No assembly lines and no massive overheads.

The Custom Shoppe Review: Product Range

The product range is extensive. You can design your own office from scratch – at home or at work. Choose what pieces you want and at what size. Choose your own wood: oak, maple, pine – you name it, you can have it. Design your bedroom armoire with as many doors and drawers as you wish, and choose your bed – as long or as wide as you choose. If you are a seven foot giant that is no problem to The Custom Shoppe.

Want a kitchen? No problem with The Custom Shoppe furniture: choose your cabinetry, worktop, doors, hardware and even your type of glass. You can have your choice of handles on your cabinets or touch-open hinges.

The Custom Shoppe: Negatives

Like any other company, this business has some negatives. They are pretty mean on tables, but they likely have their reasons. The longest you can have is 5 feet, or for a round table, 3.5 ft. Not much good for anything but a small family dining table. Your choice of wood is only maple or cherry, but they can be painted or lacquered in different colors. If you want a beautiful French polished dining table to seat 10, then look elsewhere.

There are no other negatives to be truthful. You get what you pay for, and The Custom Shoppe furniture prices are very reasonable for furniture made to your specifications. It is less expensive that a lot of major manufacturers, and the quality is good. What more can you ask!

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Drawer Hardware Can Make a Big Difference

When we look around the rooms of our house, it’s the big things that catch our attention. The furniture, the color of the walls, the floor coverings-those are the things that give our home its flavor and express our personality. But it’s the small details that finish our decor and make it truly our own.

One of the small details we choose when we design our kitchens and baths is the drawer hardware. Whether you are buying new cabinets, refinishing existing cabinets, or just sprucing up what’s already there, your choice of drawer hardware makes a statement about your sense of style. You can take a simple cabinet or a piece of used furniture, and make it your own with your choice of drawer hardware.

Drawer hardware comes in more styles, materials, and shapes than most of us would imagine. One of the first factors to consider is size. If you find a great piece of hardware but it doesn’t fit, there’s no point to considering it.

Ask yourself these questions when you are determining the sizes you need:

• Are you limited because the existing cabinets already were drilled for hardware and you have to retrofit the knobs?

• Do you need something with a low profile, that does not project from the drawer too much? Picking drawer hardware with a low profile will help ensure that when you open and close the drawers, they won’t hit the knob or handle on the adjacent drawer if they are installed in a corner.

• Are the drawer fronts different sizes? Do you want to select a single piece of hardware that works for all drawers? Or do you want to select a coordinated suite of hardware that varies in size?

• Do you want hardware large that is easy to grasp? Or do you want something that is small, that does not draw attention away from the cabinets or furniture?

After you determine the size hardware you need, consider style. The shape, material and metal finish all contribute to the style of the drawer hardware. For traditional cabinets or furniture, a polished brass knob, simple or ornate, may look just right. Adding a backplate to the knob can enhance the traditional feel you are looking for.

Do you prefer contemporary styles? Simple, unadorned geometric shapes–spheres, circles, cones, rods, squares-lend themselves to a contemporary look. If you like a style that straddles the two, look at traditional designs with a contemporary finish, or a contemporary shape in a traditional material or with traditional detailing.

The material used for the drawer hardware gives you even more choices. The most abundant choices come in metal in a variety of finishes. Shiny metals like chrome and polished brass are attention-getting and stand out from the cabinetry. But matte and brushed metal finishes are a popular choice for contemporary, transitional, and traditional looks.

You are not limited to metal for drawer hardware. Another popular choice is glass. Glass comes in so many colors-clear and colorless, rich jewel tones, pretty pastels, sophisticated frosted-that browsing though catalogs and websites can give you more ideas than you imagined.

You can turn a painted dresser into a shabby-chic treasure by adding a set of faceted glass knobs to the drawer fronts. You can turn your traditional cherry cabinets into something a little more transitional with a set of frosted glass knobs with a polished brass base.

Granite is another popular material for drawer hardware. You can find solid granite knobs or metal handles with granite inserts. Selecting granite hardware adds a high quality look to simple cabinets or recycled furniture.

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How to Preserve Your Oak China Cabinets?

Keeping your China kitchenware collection in order is no trouble at all with Oak China Cabinets. This elegant masterpiece is a great showcase for your breakables. With the help of a china cabinet, the eye-catching bowls, plates, cups, and platters that you own will be the centerpiece of your living room. Your silverware and flatware will also have its place here; not to mention your linen. No more hiding away of your best stuff.

Showcasing china in a cabinet made out of oak is the sign of luxury. Oak wood is well-known to be one of the best materials for making furniture. It is a hard wood that displays great strength of quality. In fact, the oak tree has historical and symbolic connotation for many ancient cultures around the world. Properly preserved oak furniture could last for generations. To summarize, heirloom dinnerware in heirloom furniture, what could be more fitting?

Oak China Cabinets, like all wooden creations, demand a measure of care to be able to last long enough to be a family legacy.

First of all you must best the finest crafted one in the furniture store. If you are having one built for specifications, get a good cabinet maker to do the work for you. Check the joints, the hinges, the knobs and handles and other hardware, as well as the wood grain.
Pick a good location for the hardwood oak cabinet. It must not be exposed to excess humidity, or excessive temperature fluctuations.
When it is in your home, regular dusting, occasional waxing and oiling must be performed. Dusting must be done with a soft, clean, and damp towel. Alternatively, a soft brush such as the one in vacuum cleaner accessories can be used. The technique is to clean off dust along the wood grain. Daily dusting will prevent little scratches from forming in the wood finish.
Waxing or oiling helps prevent eventual cracking of the wood finish. It also serves as additional layer of protection to solid wood furniture. There are special products of many types that can be bought in stores. It could be in the form of a paste, a spray, or oil. Use a soft cloth when applying, and follow instructions for its use.
Changing climate conditions do allow for a slight wood expansion, but check for noticeable cracks and chips on the hardwood. Have them restored as soon as you see them.
Guard against strong chemicals that will destroy the wood finish. The beauty of oak wood is that it can easily be repaired. With some sanding and staining will make your cabinet look like new.

If you are the proud possessor of one of these Oak China Cabinets, then having the knowledge to maintain this beautiful piece of furniture is a great comfort. You will want to keep them as well maintained as possible as it ages gracefully throughout the years. There are paste wax, liquid wax, oil based polishes, wax sticks for deep scratches and nicks, brass polishers for the handles, and a lot of new products. The trick is to select from among these many wood care products with care. Although a few of these do help, some are not really necessary good while others are even harmful. So when buying products to maintain your Oak China Cabinets, please consult a knowledgeable person, and buy the best products available.

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Interior Design From Centuries Past

One of the many joys homeowners can enjoy is furnishing and decorating their house, condominium, or townhouse. But the aspect of decorating a room, although exciting, can be quite overwhelming with so many different options out there. Here are five different interior design theme and concepts you can try when furnishing your living room, dining room, guestroom, bedroom etc.

Art Deco

If you are going with an Art Deco-themed concept when furnishing your home, remember that the art design movement was characterized for its clean lines, streamlining, and symmetry. To give a hint of Art Deco feel to you house, try decorating your house with decorative-furniture hardware, like a cabinet knob or door pulls.


If you are going for a décor of past grandeur and opulence, than Renaissance inspired idesign is the way to go. The look from this period was known for its richness, so try incorporating classical elements, plush rugs, tapestries, and Chippendale or Queen Anne-inspired furniture from the early French Renaissance.


Victorian interior design is actually a very popular decorating style preferred by many. The look of a Victorian inspired décor is just as lavish, luxurious and ornate as the Renaissance-themed interior design. To give your room something extra, try adding a carpet rod, also known as a stair rod, to add an air of elegance to your home’s staircases.


Asian themed rooms are a combination of two or more cultural influences from prominent Eastern societies, such as Japan, China, Vietnam, and Thailand, Chinese and Japanese being the most prominent design style. Furniture and accessories tend to be clean and simple. The simplicity of the Asian style interior design may appeal to minimalist design fans.


For those more interested in a more modern look, contemporary interior design is just as beautiful than any period-themed interior design. Contemporary interiors give off simplicity and subtle sophistication. A modern style home can be a quiet and comfortable retreat that showcases space rather than things, without compromising their sleek and fresh atmosphere.

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Kitchen Accent Furniture – Perfect For Making Your Kitchen Functional and Appealing to the Eye

Your kitchen, it needs to be both functional and appealing to the eye because you spend a lot of time in it cooking meals for family and friends. Well, to make sure that yours serves both purposes, rely on kitchen accent furniture. There are many options to help you create one awesome kitchen space.

Really, there is a wide variety of kitchen accent furniture that can add both function and beauty to that room starting with hutches. This furnishing offers you a wealth of room to display and store away any number of items ranging from fine china, serving dishes, glasses, cookbooks, linens, and anything else that you want to organize. In addition to that, they are made from all sorts of materials and styled in a number of fabulous ways. For instance, you can purchase one that has a styled in an amazing traditional way with simple lines, delicate accents, and is then finished in a bold cherry stain complemented wonderfully by brass finished hardware.

Hutches are just the beginning when it comes to kitchen accent furniture because there are a slew of other options to pick from as well. For example, maybe you like the hutch idea, but do not have enough room for one. Well, then a sideboard would probably be a better selection for you. Instead of having a large upper cabinet area, it has more of a design like a console table with a spacious surface ideal for displaying different items and a lower area that can be equipped with shelving, drawers, and a cabinet ideal for putting away a wide variety of items. Plus, again they have a stunning look because they can be styled a number of eye-catching ways from those that are very antique in nature and some that are even modern in their appearance. Credenzas and curio cabinets are also a nice choice for stowing away items as well.

Again, the choices of kitchen accent furniture does not stop there either. Some of the other selections that are available include other storage options like bakers racks and kitchen carts, bar stools or counter stools to offer people a nice place to sit at your counter, and there are plenty of kitchen chairs to pick from as well so you know that your guests will be sitting comfortably at your dinner table. A fast and stress free way to take in all the options is by simply jumping on the Internet for some comparison shopping. That’s right, the Internet is one of the best ways to shop nowadays because you do not have to go anywhere and waste any gas to do it. When you do come across something that you like, you can find it at the best possible price by simply sifting through the multiple online stores. Plus, what you do purchase will be sent right to your home, thus, allowing you to avoid all that worrying about how to have it shipped from point a to point b.

In the end, your kitchen needs to be both functional and appealing to the eye. To achieve both, just turn to kitchen accent furniture. It would be a grand investment.

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5 Best Snowblower Brands And Their Advantages

When choosing a snowblower, make certain that you only go for the best brands, which are as follows: Toro, Ariens, MTD, Husqvarna, and John Deere.

A snowblower is vital winter machine each household must possess. In order to outlast the presence of snow, snow equipment must be carefully chosen so as not to get disappointed when the need to use arrives. Here are some of the recommended snowblower brands, which I think are worthwhile namely:


If you desire to own a single-stage snow blower, Toro CCR 2450 GTS is the best choice for you. It is gas-powered equipment, which makes it cost effective. For those who want to own one for personal use especially on their driveways, this is capable of clearing snow that is at least eight inches deep. Toro brand is identified as one of the most durable snow equipment; thus, most of its units offer a generous five-year warranty. However, this can be very costly, but the cost is worth your investment.


With unlimited models to choose from, these are designed for outdoor encounters. Their reliability is a result of the highly regulated standards of their affiliate companies, the Stens Corporation and the Australian Bynorm Group. One of their best bets is the Ariens Prosumer ST27LE that has powerful steering for easy operation. Included in the unit are the halogen headlights for night works and the remote locking system. Another best Ariens model is the Pro-Track Snowblower that can clear up to 32-inch snow. Additional features such as heated hand warmers, Disc-O-Matic drive system and heavy duty cast-iron gear case makes it more convincing.


From their huge collections of snow clearing equipment, they have choices according to degree of severity of snow compaction, which are from light, to moderate, to heavy coverage. This is a highly recommended brand because of its double insulation, pitch control, push drive system, and large-sized rear wheels.


One of the oldest manufacturers of snowblower in the world, Husqvarna is long-lasting and dependable during snow removal. All machines are power steering, with rotating remote chutes, and use Briggs engines.

John Deere

This is one name you can rely on when it comes to snow tools and equipment. It is famous for the following features namely: convenience, durability, powerful engine, and ease in maneuvering. You will never go wrong if you have Briggs and Stratton as your engines. They are so powerful, which makes its performance superb and matchless. The fact that they are trusted especially with commercial units, residential version is unmatched since they are easier to make compared to the latter. Obviously they are not that affordable, but they are undeniably the strongest equipment among the popular brands.

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Your Options On Professional Care For Your Trees

Hire professionals for your lawn and trees care services, you will need a company with a special dedication to this kind of service.Few high quality lawn and tree care services companies can fulfill your requirements and is better than you know them .

Hire professionals for your lawn and trees care services, you will need a company with a special dedication to this kind of service.Few high quality lawn and tree care services companies can fulfill your requirements and is better than you know the best can give a guarantee result.

Your Options On ProfessionaL Care For Your Trees The Service Solution provides customized services to all their customers, including services like business management solutions and special developed software. Excellency is their premise and the company is very affordable, one of the most affordable companies you can find. You don’t need to spend too much money to enjoy their high quality services.

Natural Way Lawn This company is family owned and operated business. Their target is to provide the highest quality service available and if you are quite satisfied, they agreed to treat you lawn without any cost for you and any kind of hassle. Their services include : aeration ( very important for compact soil), disease control ( vital to your lawn), lawn care, tree service, grub control ( basic to achieve a good grass and plants in general), soil testing ( assessing fertilizer and nutrients lawn needs), pest control and more. Sava Tree is an exceptional choice for you.They are an industry certified company, environmentally friendly and reliable, with great prestige in the field.Their expertise are tree care ,lawn care and shrub service.Their arborists team are really artists and have won awards thanks to their devoted commitment to the beautification of lawns, gardens and plants through highest level of arboricultural excellence.

Something About Trees and Professional Care

Trees are highly appreciated on all cultures. Trees an myths are related: you can find trees in Bible narration, in Oriental Religions and in general mythology. Trees are great friends to the humanity, giving shade, shelter and fruits of every kind, many medicines are base on tree parts, like leaves, roots or juices. And something so current as chewing gum or chicle came out of a tree, the xicle tree, native of Mayan forest. When you have a new tree the cares are different of an old tree.The newly planted trees will grow faster if they are not exposed to strong winds.Winds are able to remove the flowers from the tree. To complete a proper growth is very effective conduct the necessary pruning. This is beneficial for prune branches that are very close between them.Pruning will benefit growth and the passage of sunlight and water needed for fruiting. On the other hand, it is very important fertilization, especially in the early stages of growth. The fertilizer should be applied before flowering and when the fruit is ripe half, but never before flowering. In addition, you should apply fertilizers or organic matter under the tree.

You can choose with confidence when looking for excellence lawn and tree care. There are groups of experts ready to solve your problems and give you support for the good health of your lawn and trees.You know their companies’s name now and when you decide to hire their service, you will get excellence and successful results for your landcaping, caring and working with the best tools and equipment. Landscaping, if properly planned, properly executed and properly financed will add to the comfort, improve the appearance and increase the value of your home. Whether your grounds are large or small, the right landscaping tools and equipment can speed routine tasks.

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Hand Tools Of High Quality Are Best

If you want to learn to work wood like a master craftsman than having the right tools is important. You must have woodworking tools and hand tools to get the job done right. Although many people think of power tools right off the bat, this doesn’t mean you can by pass the rest of the tools that you will need. You can spend quite a lot of money on tools, but try these hints on how to amass the quality tools you need without spending a fortune on your collection.

You will need a large range of tools, here is a list of the basics:

Clamps in several styles and sizes, these are pretty cheap and you can get them in many places. They last a long time so you can even buy them second hand if you want to.

Bench chisels can be useful in a wide variety of tasks. You can find them in various sizes to suit your needs, you will ned about 6-7 of them to have a good set.

Saws you will need several kind of saws for working with wood. Such as dovetail, back, and tenon saw. You can get them new or used, but make sure they are in good condition if you choose to buy one at a second hand shop or a garage sale. You will also have to sharpen it yourself or at a shop if you buy a used saw.

Planes are good for getting things smoothed down, you can find a few varying planes to work with. You should have the minimum of a block plane or a jointer one to begin your wood working endeavors.

Scraper. A scraper can be used for all kinds of things. You can try to find a used paint scraper or hand scraper to start you off.

Files. You will need some files in a few different sizes to for lots of tasks.

This is a list of tools that you will also need, but they are secondary to the above tools used especially for woodworking.

Hammer, you should be a quality one you will need it. Mallet, this can be used with a chisel. Wrenches, get them in more than one size. Screwdrivers, you will need all shapes and sizes, so get a kit. Other things you may want, steel ruler, a level, an awl, putty knife, a utility knife, tape measure, T bevel, and a set of pliers.

It is better to get a good tool than buy a cheap one, since you will be using them often. It can be tempting to buy a cheap set, but don’t cause they won’t last long. If you get something good it will last longer over time.

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Finding Quality And Affordable Woodworking Tools

Anyone with either a home or professional workshop knows the importance of having the right tools and equipment available, particularly the proper woodworking tools. Whether you simply enjoy DIY projects or engage in woodwork as a professional, the appropriate tools make a big difference during the job and with the final result. The quality and selection of tools has expanded in the past few years. It is now possible to supply your workshop with a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, including manufacturers such as Rockwell, Sears, Hitachi and Rigid. You can enjoy good quality tools and fine craftsmanship without spending more than necessary. Woodworking can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

There are several places available for you to get tools to supply your workshop. It goes without saying that you want to find the best tools for the best value, but this has not always been easy to do. Local do-it-yourself home improvement stores sell a variety of tools, but the selection may not be of the best value. These small stores often have higher priced tools to cover the overheads of running the store. You may find a better deal at woodworking shows where you can typically get good deals on tools and equipment. However, you may find that the selection on such shows is limited. As you can see, it can be challenging to find a good combination of quality, selection and low prices but it is not an impossible task. You can find such a combination as well as convenience and value by searching for your equipment online.

By shopping for your equipment online, you can enjoy convenience and affordability in stocking your workshop with the tools you need. Searching online allows you to compare prices and features, all from the convenience of your own home or personal computer. There is no need to browse from shop to shop or to multiple home improvement stores. For example, today you can get a great value on your woodworking tools from Rockler Woodworking. This company has a great reputation, high quality, wide selection and low prices. Further, you can do more than simply browse the equipment selection online, you can place your order and make the payment online. The equipment purchased is then quickly shipped directly to your door. Not only will you save money, you save time and hassle providing you more time to spend on your woodworking projects.

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Branded Industrial Tools And Equipment

Finding industrial tools and equipment on internet is the most preferred method. There are some portals that provide high quality branded equipment which you can order and pay online. You can find companies who deal in the business of top online industrial supplies worldwide. They handle products manufactured by reliable brands. Providing highly branded products is the best way to retain and make new customers. They ensure to provide products with top class quality which meet the customer specifications.
Most of the top online industrial supplies portals announce regular discounts and offers for better benefit of customers. There are seasonal offers on selected items. This creates a desire in the customer to shop again with them as they are getting the best at a low price. They provide same day shipping based on certain criteria. Online payment is possible. They generally deal with branded industrial tools and equipment like trucks, carts, bulk carts, fork lift attachments, hand trucks, lift trucks, pallet stackers, platform trucks, handling equipment like cranes, conveyors, hoppers, lift tables and so on.
The portals supply portable bulk carts which are required for different industrial use. You can choose from a varied range depending on parameters like types, sizes, styles and shapes. The material used can be selected from plastic, vinyl, cotton and steel. You can choose from a varied range of colors as per your liking. Materials like polyurethane are good for easy cleaning. You can choose either a hinged lid or sliding lid as per your need. You get ones with door locks which are good if you need to store and transport items. The ones with strong steel base are more durable. Choosing a rust resistant cart is important. Ensure that the materials used are approved to meet FDA standards. A pallet truck is used to ease movement of heavy load and packed goods. It is available in colors like black, blue, green, orange, red and more. It is good for lifting skids, plastic pallets and wire baskets. You can opt for corrosion resistant material.
Packaging equipment include strapping supplies, stretch wrap dispensers, tape dispensers, tapes and packaging cart which store everything you need to wrap. Shipping boxes are used for transporting goods for one place to another. They come in different shapes depending on the purpose you need it for. There are telescopic boxes, square and corrugated boxes in different sizes, double wall containers, side loading boxes and foam lined cartons to carry hazardous materials with warning information.
You can choose from various manufacturers who provide top online industrial supplies. You can find online portals that provide a list of brands and the products they offer. You can even buy online through these portals by online payment. With the ever growing environment concerns it is better to buy from companies who provide environment friendly products. It is best to do some research on the kind of products each brand provides, know their overall brand image, check for reviews and confirm if the products meet certified product standards.

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