Hand Tools Of High Quality Are Best

If you want to learn to work wood like a master craftsman than having the right tools is important. You must have woodworking tools and hand tools to get the job done right. Although many people think of power tools right off the bat, this doesn’t mean you can by pass the rest of the tools that you will need. You can spend quite a lot of money on tools, but try these hints on how to amass the quality tools you need without spending a fortune on your collection.

You will need a large range of tools, here is a list of the basics:

Clamps in several styles and sizes, these are pretty cheap and you can get them in many places. They last a long time so you can even buy them second hand if you want to.

Bench chisels can be useful in a wide variety of tasks. You can find them in various sizes to suit your needs, you will ned about 6-7 of them to have a good set.

Saws you will need several kind of saws for working with wood. Such as dovetail, back, and tenon saw. You can get them new or used, but make sure they are in good condition if you choose to buy one at a second hand shop or a garage sale. You will also have to sharpen it yourself or at a shop if you buy a used saw.

Planes are good for getting things smoothed down, you can find a few varying planes to work with. You should have the minimum of a block plane or a jointer one to begin your wood working endeavors.

Scraper. A scraper can be used for all kinds of things. You can try to find a used paint scraper or hand scraper to start you off.

Files. You will need some files in a few different sizes to for lots of tasks.

This is a list of tools that you will also need, but they are secondary to the above tools used especially for woodworking.

Hammer, you should be a quality one you will need it. Mallet, this can be used with a chisel. Wrenches, get them in more than one size. Screwdrivers, you will need all shapes and sizes, so get a kit. Other things you may want, steel ruler, a level, an awl, putty knife, a utility knife, tape measure, T bevel, and a set of pliers.

It is better to get a good tool than buy a cheap one, since you will be using them often. It can be tempting to buy a cheap set, but don’t cause they won’t last long. If you get something good it will last longer over time.

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