5 Best Snowblower Brands And Their Advantages

When choosing a snowblower, make certain that you only go for the best brands, which are as follows: Toro, Ariens, MTD, Husqvarna, and John Deere.

A snowblower is vital winter machine each household must possess. In order to outlast the presence of snow, snow equipment must be carefully chosen so as not to get disappointed when the need to use arrives. Here are some of the recommended snowblower brands, which I think are worthwhile namely:


If you desire to own a single-stage snow blower, Toro CCR 2450 GTS is the best choice for you. It is gas-powered equipment, which makes it cost effective. For those who want to own one for personal use especially on their driveways, this is capable of clearing snow that is at least eight inches deep. Toro brand is identified as one of the most durable snow equipment; thus, most of its units offer a generous five-year warranty. However, this can be very costly, but the cost is worth your investment.


With unlimited models to choose from, these are designed for outdoor encounters. Their reliability is a result of the highly regulated standards of their affiliate companies, the Stens Corporation and the Australian Bynorm Group. One of their best bets is the Ariens Prosumer ST27LE that has powerful steering for easy operation. Included in the unit are the halogen headlights for night works and the remote locking system. Another best Ariens model is the Pro-Track Snowblower that can clear up to 32-inch snow. Additional features such as heated hand warmers, Disc-O-Matic drive system and heavy duty cast-iron gear case makes it more convincing.


From their huge collections of snow clearing equipment, they have choices according to degree of severity of snow compaction, which are from light, to moderate, to heavy coverage. This is a highly recommended brand because of its double insulation, pitch control, push drive system, and large-sized rear wheels.


One of the oldest manufacturers of snowblower in the world, Husqvarna is long-lasting and dependable during snow removal. All machines are power steering, with rotating remote chutes, and use Briggs engines.

John Deere

This is one name you can rely on when it comes to snow tools and equipment. It is famous for the following features namely: convenience, durability, powerful engine, and ease in maneuvering. You will never go wrong if you have Briggs and Stratton as your engines. They are so powerful, which makes its performance superb and matchless. The fact that they are trusted especially with commercial units, residential version is unmatched since they are easier to make compared to the latter. Obviously they are not that affordable, but they are undeniably the strongest equipment among the popular brands.

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