Interior Design From Centuries Past

One of the many joys homeowners can enjoy is furnishing and decorating their house, condominium, or townhouse. But the aspect of decorating a room, although exciting, can be quite overwhelming with so many different options out there. Here are five different interior design theme and concepts you can try when furnishing your living room, dining room, guestroom, bedroom etc.

Art Deco

If you are going with an Art Deco-themed concept when furnishing your home, remember that the art design movement was characterized for its clean lines, streamlining, and symmetry. To give a hint of Art Deco feel to you house, try decorating your house with decorative-furniture hardware, like a cabinet knob or door pulls.


If you are going for a décor of past grandeur and opulence, than Renaissance inspired idesign is the way to go. The look from this period was known for its richness, so try incorporating classical elements, plush rugs, tapestries, and Chippendale or Queen Anne-inspired furniture from the early French Renaissance.


Victorian interior design is actually a very popular decorating style preferred by many. The look of a Victorian inspired décor is just as lavish, luxurious and ornate as the Renaissance-themed interior design. To give your room something extra, try adding a carpet rod, also known as a stair rod, to add an air of elegance to your home’s staircases.


Asian themed rooms are a combination of two or more cultural influences from prominent Eastern societies, such as Japan, China, Vietnam, and Thailand, Chinese and Japanese being the most prominent design style. Furniture and accessories tend to be clean and simple. The simplicity of the Asian style interior design may appeal to minimalist design fans.


For those more interested in a more modern look, contemporary interior design is just as beautiful than any period-themed interior design. Contemporary interiors give off simplicity and subtle sophistication. A modern style home can be a quiet and comfortable retreat that showcases space rather than things, without compromising their sleek and fresh atmosphere.

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